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Motion Sensors - Leviton Occupancy Sensor - High Bay Lighting - Mounted - Infrared

The perfect solution to eliminating constant flipping of light switches, especially if your hands are always full! 

  • Ceiling Mount Motion Sensors 

  • Wall Mount Motion Sensors


Leviton Occupancy Sensor - High Bay Lighting - Mounted - Infrared 

The OSFHU is a self-contained occupancy sensor and relay that turns individual light fixtures ON/OFF based on occupancy in a detection zone. It uses passive infrared (PIR) technology to sense line-of-sight motion by comparing the infrared energy from an object-in-motion with the background space. The sensor includes a microprocessor-based digital architecture that minimizes false ON triggering due to background environmental conditions such as air movement.

Motion Sensor

USB Decorat Receptacle Tamper Resistant

USB Receptable

USB Decora Receptacle Tamper Resistant

White 15 or 20amp    USB 2.1 amp

​UL Approved

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